Virtual Reality (VR) in Indian Real Estate

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a process of an artificial computer generated stimulation or the recreation of a real life environment which immense the user with an experience of the reality in firsthand.


Uses of Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is visualized by a headset and it is used in two different ways:

  • For the creation and enhancement of an imaginary reality as like gaming or 3D movies
  • For training real life environment by a creation of a stimulation of reality which helps a person for practicing beforehand as like flight stimulators for pilots
  • The coding language used for Virtual Reality is VRML (Virtual reality Modeling Language) which use to create an image and specify the type of interactions that are possible for them.


Working of Virtual Reality


A good Virtual reality experience comes by the usage of the headset.

Virtual Reality Headset: It is a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) which blocks the outside world and displays a 3D world or stitched images for the creation of stimulation for a user.


Features of VR System:

Immersion: The main aim of the VR system is to completely immerse the user into a new environment by introducing sound cancelling surround sound headphones which makes the user focus into the scene and can control over the scene with their head movements.

Interaction: It acts as a controller which helps the users to interact with the scene and can controlled the elements.


Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality acts as an inverse reflection with one another. Virtual Reality acts as a digital recreation of a real life and Augmented Reality acts a virtual element to the real world.


  • Similarity between Augmented and Virtual Reality


Technology: They both work on the same technologies to provide the enhanced or enriched experience to the users.

Entertainment: The artificial world comes to life under the user control and the deeper layers of interaction with the real world with the help of developing new adaptations, improvements and releasing of more apps for the supporter of these technologies.

Science and Medicine: Both the Augmented and Virtual Realities have a great potential in the medical landscape as like remote surgeries.


  • Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Purpose: Augmented Reality is adding the virtual components as like digital images, graphics or sensation as a new layer for the interaction with the new world. As Virtual Reality itself is creating its reality that is based on the computer generated.

Delivery Method: Augmented Reality works to change how the real world and the digital images intersect and interact.


Virtual Reality in Real Estate


Ways by which Virtual Reality is helpful in Real Estate:


Capture Remote Customers: Virtual Reality is helpful for the buyers to visualize the property by getting a clear cut picture of it.

Show Homes Remotely: With the help of Virtual Reality, agents or buyers can have an in-depth virtual tour of the property.

Show Completely Construction Project: With the help of this technology, a 3D model of the project which is to be completed can be created and can be visualized before its builded.

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