Rajasthan’s income tax department raids 64 benami assets

Rajasthan's income tax department raids 64 benami assetsJAIPUR

: In a major success for


Income Tax Department, its

Benami Property

Unit (BPU) raided 64 such properties on Jaipur-Delhi highway in Kukus, Khorameena and others on Monday. While 64 were benami properties, two were bank accounts.

The 25.43 hectares of properties attached after the raids amount to approximately Rs 100 crore. During the department’s investigation, they found that the properties in Kukus and Khorameena are in the name of Ramjilal Meena and Ramdhan Meena though their financial status in no way indicated that they could afford to buy them. So, the case was given to BPU.

It was also found that two separate bank accounts were opened by these individuals in Jaipur and money was deposited in these accounts either through direct cash deposits or loans. Ramjilal had 29 properties for which he had allegedly invested Rs 20.63 crore and paid Rs 16.27 crore in cash.

Ramdhan had 33 properties, investing Rs 14.42 crore to purchase them out of which Rs 6.46 crore were cash payment. Two properties were bought in his wife, Sita Devi’s name as well for Rs 3.90 crore out of which Rs 1.54 crore were paid in cash.

The income tax department has found that Jaipur resident Ram Kripal Sisodia bought these properties in the name of the three individuals with their power of attorney.

With the recent case, BPU has attached total of 317 benami properties amounting to approximately Rs 1,050 crore. Out of these, 36 attached properties have been confirmed benami by the Adjudicating Authority in Delhi.

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