Pune Gramin SP orders inquiry into Girivan plot allocation ‘fraud’

Pune Gramin SP orders inquiry into Girivan plot allocation ‘fraud’ BY: Akash Gulankar

A group of plot owners from the

Girivan project

in Mulshi taluka had approached cops citing irregularities in the land records of the plots they had bought from the promoter of the project — Sujata Farms. The superintendent of police of


Gramin has now passed orders for an inquiry into the case.

One of the plot owners, Smita Joshi, while explaining the case said, “I had bought a plot at Girivan in the year 1997. Everything was fine till 2008. However, in 2008 when one of the farmers from the local village had a land dispute with another plot owner we realised the fraud.”

While showing the land documents she further explained, “I hold the ownership documents for a plot under a particular survey number while the actual land I possess is located under some other survey number. This was found after the government demarcation was done for us.”

Another plot owner, Amruta Namapurkar said, “I had also bought a plot in 1999 and I am facing the same problem as Joshi. I have even built a big house on my plot to serve as a weekend getaway. Now the problem here is, where would I go if someday a person with the appropriate documentation of the land I possess comes to me and claims the land alleging that I have encroached on it. What will I do?” She said that their fight is just to make sure that they get the correct documents of the land they own.

The complainants have informed that they have been fighting to set the records right for the last ten years.

One of the complainants said, “We had to go up to Lokayukta as the Girivan administration was not allowing us permission to complete government demarcation. We have fought for every bit of it including security.” Many of the complainants claimed that Jayant Mhalgi, director, and Vikram Gokhale, chairman, of the project, are not cooperating with them and have been putting hurdles in their way and adopting pressure tactics by inquiring about the visitors at the gate that they had built a few years ago. The gate has been removed now, as per the orders of the respective government authority.

When spoken to, Sandeep Patil, superintendent of police, Pune Gramin, about the case, he said, “I have discussed the issue with the complainants. There are irregularities in their land records. I have ordered an inquiry into the case where all the land demarcations will be verified. Thus, after the final report of the inquiry further legal action will be initiated.”

He added that the final report is awaited and will be out in 10 days. He denied the possibility of filing an FIR until the inquiry is completed.

Chairman of Sujata Farms, Vikram Gokhale, on other hand said, “We have given the possession of the plots to all those who had paid. So the question of cheating does not arise. We have sold it all in legal manner.”

Talking about the alleged irregularity in the land records he added, “The difference between the records atr district land records department and the 7/12 extracts is a problem that has been there for more than 50 years. It is the job of the government to clear the records of land demarcation. We have no right or authority to change it.” He added that all this is done by the complainants to malign his public image.

He informed that the company has suggested that the complainants form agroup and exchange the land deed as per the possessions they hold. He claimed it to be more convenient way that the legal fight.

Complainants have also given an application to the Economic Offences Wing of Pune Gramin police. They have recorded the statements with the cops and the process in ongoing.

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