Maharashtra: Housing society members oppose nomination rules

Maharashtra: Housing society members oppose nomination rulesPUNE

: Housing society federation members are against the new rules regarding nomination of members as announced in the recent ordinance to amend the

Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act

1960, issued on October 30.

As per the new rules, a member gets the nomination rights only if he/she shows the will or rights, however, the federation is against such a move, said president of Pune Cooperative Housing Federation Suhas Patwardhan.

As per the new ordinance, the government has allowed the management committee to admit a person nominated by a deceased member as provisional till all the legal documents of succession are in place.

Another provision has been incorporated, whereby the society’s managing committee will invite a fine of Rs 25,000 if it fails to submit audited accounts and other mandatory documents to the state cooperative department within the set deadline. The government has also made failure to submit self-declaration documents of managing committee members an offence, which will also invite a fine of Rs 25,000. “We feel that this is too high an amount and our federation is against it,” he said.

Last Tuesday, the government issued an ordinance amending the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies (MCS) Act, 1960. Now, housing societies having less than 200 members will be able to hold elections at their annual general meeting every five years, instead of conducting them under the supervision of the election authority constituted by the cooperative department. This has been well received by the federation.

Maharashtra: Housing society members oppose nomination rules

The state cabinet had approved the proposed amendment in its meeting held in July. The government is expected to table a bill in this regard in the winter session of the legislature beginning November 19.

Out of over one lakh cooperative housing societies in the state, 90% have less than 200 members. They will benefit from the proposed amendment.

The societies with less than 200 members will not have to go through the tedious procedure of holding elections under the direct supervision of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. The government has proposed an amendment to section 73(c)(b) to simplify the process.

In the wake of numerous complaints, the government has proposed that every society member is entitled to inspect books of accounts and correspondences of the society free of cost. In case a member defaults on payments, the society has been given the power to charge on the share to the extent of the dues payable by him or her.

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