Gurugram civic body to take over Suncity township by January 31


: Bowing to persistent demand,


has decided to take over the maintenance of

Suncity township

by January 31, despite pending work on roads, water supply, streetlights, etc.

The developer, Essel Group, had submitted before MCG last week that they had made up all infrastructure deficiencies in Suncity as per DPR, and the township was ready for takeover.

During a visit to Suncity on Friday, the corporation team examined the pending work and prepared a report, which set January 31 as the takeover deadline, making it Gurugram’s first private residential colony to come under MCG.

The corporation will now realise the cost of the pending infrastructure from the developer, while completing the pending work themselves.

During the survey, conducted jointly by MCG and the RWA, residents emphasised that Suncity’s maintenance should be taken over immediately by MCG, in the interest of the residents.

The DPR had suggested re-carpeting of all roads, which was corroborated by the team during their visit, when they observed that roads were peeling off and were damaged at many places.

There were deficiencies in water supply infrastructure that need upgrades to meet the actual required demand at 100% occupancy, but the team observed that nothing had been done on ground. Similarly, the boundary wall along the water works site was left untouched.

Among electrical infrastructure, only streetlights were covered under the DPR, in which bulbs required replacement. No work has been done on the water harvesting pits too, which were non-operational according to the DPR.

RWA general secretary VMK Singh said they were regularly paying house tax to MCG and demanded immediate takeover.

The takeover was initially held up as the state government had demanded an amount from developers of residential colonies to complete pending infrastructure that the latter felt was “huge”.

It was later revised downwards. MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav said, “We surveyed Suncity and noted deficiencies pointed out by the RWA. We’ll call the developer to sort out pending issues and takeover the colony in two weeks.”

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