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Future of Interior designers in India’s Real Estate

When one purchases a property, the game is in hands of an Interior designer, game to convert that empty space, that void into a life full, vibrant environment. Interior designer has the dice in his hands to make a property attractive or repulsive. When a real estate engineer collaborates with an interior designer, he has certain expectations associated from the designer, to design or can be said, to make the engineer’s imagination to reality.

Interior designer leads to property’s transaction, which is way more important, because properties can be purchased, no matter of what size but it’s the designer who’s skills and expertise brings it to life, thereby increasing the value of a property.

Our country India, needs more and more interior designers as if for now, since the demand of a well-designed interior is increasing day by day. Until now what used to happen is students gain degrees in interior designing but go to foreign countries in search of jobs, which is basically brain drain.

Rather they should know the fact that in India, the business or can say the field of interior designing is increasing 20% per year which is a plenty good growth rate. The demands are so high that if you have good imagination, if you have good drawing skills and want to do something related to enhancing the living space, real estate experts are ready to pay you the word of mouth rates.

Today, India has loads of beautiful cafes. People not only prefer to visit them as to chill, meet up or to eat but also gets attracted toward them due to the interiors. What also they want is some good pictures that have these freaking awesome interiors in the background, for their social feeds.

The more footfall, the more business, the higher rates paid to the designer for his future projects. Even gyms built now a days have that flaunting interiors.

The higher interior designer hired, the hire are the rates of the property. Interior designer costs approximately INR 40 to INR 400 per sq. feet in major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.


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