City Herald

Founded in 1910

The newspaper “The ONELIFE” has been founded way back in 1910, when William Howard Taft has been our nation’s leader. Newspaper was originally intended to be kept as a weekly one. It featured only the latest local news for Wisconsin area.

But in next 30 years our newspaper grew rapidly. As much as nation’s love both for Wisconsin cheese.

Working nationwide since 1940

We went nationwide in 1940. That was done following a widespread demand for our news editorials and political satire and sketches.  Also, then we became a daily paper. That was a ripe time for the news industry in general.

Our war correspondents were present across all theaters of WW2. And they provided exclusive materials.  Americans across the country received the news with our unique editorial style.

Digital news since 1995

But the world did not stand idle, and we were about to go for another breakthrough and expansion.

The big changes time was when commercial Internet went live in 1994.  Our newspaper editorial board decided that we should be one of the first papers to go live as well.

So, we went ahead of the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and LA Herald. In 1995 launched our Internet news portal.